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Jonathan Laing and Blake Roth are two men with nothing in common. Until now.

Finding themselves suffering from memory loss, erratic behaviour and a ferocious thirst, they come to realise that their lives have become mysteriously entangled. As one searches desperately for answers, the other tries to flee them.

But the truth is hunting both men and they must decide how they will choose to face it.

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 Robert Young is a busy professional in Financial Services and a married father of three, living on the south coast and working in London. He has self-published two novels and a sequel to his first novel Gatecrasher is due for release in 2015 and will be entitled Headhunter. A sequel to Adrenaline is also in the pipeline. 

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Twitter: @robyoungwriter

My Review

At first I was struggling to work out what was going on – two characters both suffering from amnesia, raging thirst etc but then realized that this very cleverly echoes the way the two protagonists are feeling. Without giving the game away this book is billed as horror/thriller and there are some quite gory bits so be prepared. It is well written and the ending is great although I’m not sure that it requires a sequel as it seemed to end very neatly. This book is not for everyone but if you’re a fan of this cross genre then this is certainly worth a read.


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