Friday, 28 February 2014

Review of 'Her Sister's Wedding' - Jane Ainslie

Her Sister’s Wedding
Jane Ainslie

A Sweet Contemporary Foodie Romance (Chicklit)

What happens when you meet the right person at the wrong time?

Melbourne-based food journalist Mandy Evans has Paris firmly in her sights. She’s got a chance at her life-long dream of studying art in the City of Love, but not before she has to be a ring-in bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

After setting up his latest restaurant in Melbourne, renowned American chef Jake Pearson is leaving for his next project in Miami. He’s the hottest ticket in anyone’s town, with a burning ambition to conquer the world, but not before he’s best man at his friend’s wedding.

When Mandy and Jake meet, the attraction is instant. He loves her sassy, natural style, and her appetite for great food. She thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, or even martinis. Fate gives them a chance at love when they are partners at the same wedding, but can either of them compromise their ambitions to let love grow?

Jane Ainslie adores martinis, is a keen but hopeless gardener, and an avid reader of cookbooks. She currently resides in Adelaide, Australia, with her beloved husband and her four unruly pet ferrets.

Her blog can be found at and she can be found on Facebook at Jane Ainslie Books.



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My review

Jane Ainslie’s style of writing makes this an easy book to read. The characters of Mandy and Jake are well developed and the reader can relate to them. There are some interesting minor characters too in the form of Mandy’s best friend, step-sister and step-mother.
The story is refreshing in that the author clearly shows the passion between the two main characters without having to describe full on sex scenes so this is a clean read !
On the other hand, while I enjoyed the Australian setting, there was little else to set this story apart from many others and the conflict that prevented Mandy and Jake from being together was resolved all too quickly. In fact, I was surprised at how short this book is, as it was over far too quickly. I could happily have read more.
All in all, a nice clean short romantic read with great characters just needs something special to lift it into the next category.

Best for… those who love short sweet romances and a dishy chef!

My rating

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